SCB Radio Episode #073

Had a lot of fun putting this week’s show together. Kicking things off with Adam Craft on Arsenik Records, followed by music on Non Series, Code Is Law, and a couple tracks from a label I’ve been listening to a lot, Northern Electronics…

SCB – ‘Below The Line’ is out now:

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Adam Craft – Motivator – Arsenik Records
Architectural – Lipstick And Cigarettes – Non Series
Butane – Little Helper 303 – Little Helpers
Natural_Flow – Agatha (Roman Poncet Remix) – Oddity Records
Mike Parker – 2_gated EXP – Geophone
Kuf – Akupunktur – Arsenik Records
The Plant Worker – LIMITED 6 B1 – LIMITED.G.
Bandhagens Musikförening – Protokoll A – Northern Electronics ‎
Varg – I Think I’d Die for You – Northern Electronics ‎
Specta – Obscure Surface – Code Is Law
Moerbeck – Where The Wild Things Are – Code Is Law
Sawlin – In meiner Mitte – Code Is Law
The Plant Worker – 10.5 The Plant Worker – LIMITED.G.